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The ultimate fan site dedicated to the groundbreaking free-to-play online first-person shooter that has captivated gamers everywhere. Set against a backdrop of a near-future Earth under siege, Shatterline plunges you into the role of an Immune, one of the rare individuals with the genetic fortitude to resist the devastating alien plague threatening humanity’s survival.

At Shatterline World, we celebrate everything that makes this riveting game so engaging. Explore comprehensive guides on characters, weapons, maps, and strategies to elevate your gameplay. Stay informed with the latest news, updates, and events shaping the Shatterline universe. Delve into a wealth of fan creations, including mesmerizing fan art, enthralling fan fiction, and show-stopping cosplay. Connect with fellow Shatterline enthusiasts in our dedicated forums, exchanging insights, tactics, and unforgettable experiences from your in-game adventures.

Shatterline World is your go-to hub for both cooperative multiplayer and team-based Versus modes, catering to PvE and PvP players alike. Immerse yourself in the game’s rich narrative while joining forces with other players to combat the alien menace, or showcase your skills against fellow Immunes in intense PvP battles. Unlock the full potential of Shatterline’s intricate meta-game systems as you delve deeper into the expansive universe, uncovering hidden secrets and honing your abilities.

Join the ever-growing Shatterline World community today, and stand alongside your fellow Immunes as we fight to reclaim our planet and shape our destiny in the face of the cosmic threat. Together, we will vanquish the alien scourge and emerge victorious!

Featured Fan Art Video

This exceptional fan art video is the finest created to date. char crafted the stunning images, while Kyral skillfully handled the video editing.

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