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Shatterline boasts a diverse roster of eight distinct playable characters, each possessing their own specialized abilities and perks. Players can choose from an arsenal of 25 customizable weapons that are upgradable and compatible with every character. As both characters and weapons advance, they accumulate experience and unlock additional features, enhancing gameplay over time.

There is no strict limitation on weapon assignments to characters, as any Operative can wield any weapon. With the flexibility to assume various roles on the battlefield and the ability to mix and match abilities and loadouts, players can craft a truly unique playstyle tailored to their individual preferences.

Abillities Explained

In Shatterline, character abilities play a significant role in creating diverse gameplay experiences and strategic opportunities for players.

These abilities typically fall into three categories: Active, Passive, and Ultimate abilities. Let’s explore each type in more detail:

  1. Active Abilities: These are abilities that players can actively use during gameplay to gain an advantage over their opponents. Active abilities usually have a cooldown period, meaning that after using the ability, players will need to wait for a certain amount of time before they can use it again. Examples of active abilities include deploying a shield, throwing a grenade, or using a grappling hook to traverse the map quickly.
  2. Passive Abilities: Unlike active abilities, passive abilities are always in effect and don’t require any input from the player to function. They often enhance a character’s core attributes or provide minor benefits that can make a difference in specific situations. For example, a passive ability might grant increased movement speed, faster health regeneration, or a higher resistance to certain types of damage.
  3. Ultimate Abilities: These are powerful, game-changing abilities that can turn the tide of a match when used effectively. Ultimate abilities often require players to charge them up by dealing damage, healing teammates, or completing objectives. Once fully charged, players can unleash these powerful abilities, which often have a dramatic impact on the battlefield. Examples of ultimate abilities include launching a devastating airstrike, summoning a powerful mech, or becoming temporarily invulnerable to damage.


Strix, an ex-U.S. Army Sergeant, boasts expertise in heavy weaponry and cutting-edge combat techniques. As the daughter of a distinguished Army General, she naturally displays leadership skills and takes charge during crises. Strix is unwaveringly dedicated to Shellguard’s mission, demonstrating a rational and determined approach in her endeavors.

Strix Operative - Shatterline World

Follow my orders and you'll be fine.

NameKyra Whitmore
BirthdayJuly 7, 2001
BirthplaceNew Orleans, Louisiana, US
BackgroundDelta Force (US Special Missions Force)
PersonalityCommanding, Leaderly, By-the-book
HobbiesBoxing, Body Art
Favorite GunM2 Tactical SAS


Kyra, the sole child of esteemed U.S. Army General Damarcus Whitmore, experienced a nomadic upbringing as her family relocated frequently to accommodate her father’s flourishing military career. Consequently, she struggled to form lasting friendships or develop a sense of belonging to any particular place.

Her training commenced at an early age, with rifles replacing dolls and driving a Humvee by the age of 10. Kyra excelled in athletics, swimming, and boxing, consistently outperforming her peers. The combination of her intensive physical training and exposure to her family’s strong military values led to Kyra becoming the first woman ever admitted to Delta Force. She effortlessly completed boot camp and participated in an experimental warfare program, adopting the call sign “Strix”.

Following the Strafe, Kyra tested positive for immunity with the V-Test. Shaped by her patriotic upbringing and lifelong training, she embraced her newfound immunity as a personal calling. Strix has since become the quintessential symbol of Shellguard, embodying the organization’s core values and ideals.


Kyra possesses innate leadership qualities, often issuing directives and motivating statements such as “keep your eyes on the prize,” “follow my lead,” and “on my command”.

However, this relentless urge to lead may mask a deeper uncertainty, potentially concealing an absence of personal aspirations and dreams.


Wall grenade (active)

  • Throwable device with a dose of sterile Crystalline. Creates a time-limited barrier in a specified spot.

Crystalline grenade (active)

  • Throwable device with a dose of active Crystalline. Causes a rapid spout growth in a small area.

Fire Wave Grenade (active)

  • Unlocked at Operative Level 8
  • Grenade that causes a series of directed explosions in a straight line
  • This will replace Crystalline grenade when equipped on the Equipment screen

Exo kick (passive)

  • An exosuit makes this character’s low kick so powerful that it can bash down doors.

Exo sprint (passive)

  • An exosuit provides this character with additional momentum, allowing for longer and faster speed boosts.

M.556 Volcano (ultimate)

  • High speed six-barrel heavy machine gun.



Ram, an armored colossus, functions as a human tank equipped with a cutting-edge exosuit. Once a combat engineer, he lost both arms in battle and subsequently replaced them with advanced robotic prosthetics. Ram embodies an unyielding, fearless spirit, embracing each day with the vigor of someone living life to the fullest.

Ram Operative - Shatterline World

This better be a challenge.

NameMason Smith
BirthdayAugust 10, 1995
BirthplaceMemphis, Tennessee, USA
BackgroundUSMC (US Marine Corps)
PersonalityEnergetic, Fearless, Adventurous
HobbiesBoxing, Body Art
Favorite GunBlack Falcon II


From an early age, Mason displayed a fearless and daring spirit. He eagerly embraced challenges, from motorbike racing to rafting and paragliding, never shying away from a fight. After trying various careers without finding the adrenaline rush he sought, Mason enlisted in the US Marines at age 24. Following basic training, he pursued combat engineering and, under the call sign “Ram,” participated in special operations across Syria, Yemen, and Somalia between 2020 and 2024. During one mission, a mine detonated as he attempted to disarm it, resulting in the loss of both his forearms.

Unwilling to accept his disability, Mason resolved to reclaim his former life at any cost. He volunteered for an experimental military program focused on advanced combat prosthetics. After a series of arm enhancements, he resumed active duty. Over the next three years, Ram participated in field tests and mastered control over his cutting-edge limbs. By 2027, his prosthetics had become fully functional replacements for his lost forearms. Upon discovering his V-positive status, he immediately dedicated himself to Shellguard’s mission without hesitation.


Ram, an exuberant risk-taker, finds scaling mountains or soaring off them with a paraglider as effortless as riding a bike. Unfazed by fear, he embraces every day with the zeal of someone living life to the fullest. It’s wise to steer clear when Mason’s temper flares, as his fury can be intense.


Throwing axe (active)

  • This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Gravity strike (active)

  • Gravitational wave that knocks back enemies.

Explosive Axe (active)

  • Unlocks at Operative Level 8
  • Throwing Axe with an unstable explosive charge
  • This will replace Throwing Axe when equipped on the Equipment screen

Exo kick (passive)

  • An exosuit makes this character’s low kick so powerful that it can bash down doors.

Exo sprint (passive)

  • An exosuit provides this character with additional momentum, allowing for longer and faster speed boosts.

Hyperdash (ultimate)

  • Integrated jetpack, which allows the operator to lunge into a specified spot, dealing massive damage in a small area.



Pill, a perpetual prankster and playful troublemaker, exudes a light-hearted, easy-going, and sociable demeanor. With the ability to connect effortlessly with diverse individuals, Pill uplifts the team’s spirit through his positive attitude. However, Pill’s carefree nature can manifest as a lack of seriousness, often leading him to dismiss matters that others consider significant.

Pill Operative - Shatterline World

You ever find anything cool in a dead guy's pocket?

NamePeter Collins
BirthdaySeptember 15th, 2002
BirthplaceAdelaide, Australia
BackgroundSOCOM (Special Operations Command)
PersonalityLighthearted, Easy-Going, Humorous
HobbiesSurfing, Hookah
Favorite GunXM-40, XM-27


Peter was born into affluence, with the potential for a worry-free existence had he conformed to high society’s expectations. However, he obstinately resisted fitting in, turning to alcohol, drugs, and rejecting education. By 18, he had amassed a string of petty crimes, only escaping legal consequences thanks to his family’s lawyers.

Despite his rebellious nature, Peter was forcibly enrolled in a prestigious medical college after high school. Relying on his intelligence and charisma, he narrowly avoided expulsion. Tragedy struck during a prom party when his girlfriend overdosed on drugs; if he had been sober, Peter could have saved her. Instead, he could only watch in horror as she perished in his arms.

This incident served as a breaking point for Peter’s father, who subsequently cut off his financial support and sent him to the military to learn discipline. Surprisingly, it was there that Peter discovered his true calling. Stripped of the wealth that once bought him respect, he began to genuinely connect with others. When his initial two-year enlistment ended, he voluntarily extended his service.

Peter viewed his immunity and assignment to Shellguard as an opportunity for redemption, a chance to make amends for the years he had squandered.


Pill embodies a cheerful, laid-back, and friendly disposition, allowing him to effortlessly connect with individuals from all walks of life.

His upbeat attitude serves as a source of motivation for the team. However, Pill’s carefree nature occasionally leads to a lack of seriousness, causing him to dismiss matters that others consider crucial.


Med Drone (active)

  • Portable drone, programmed to revive fallen teammates.

Stasis Field (active)

  • Throw-able device that slows down enemies and temporarily prevents them from using special abilities.

Quantum Nullifier (active)

  • Unlocks at Operative Level 8
  • Experimental tactical device. Disintegrates hostile gadgets and projectiles in a small radius around the operator.
  • This ability will replace Stasis field when equipped on the Equipment screen

Full health Revival (passive)

  • Unlike other operatives, this character can revive teammates quickly, and back to full health.

Crystalline Shotgun (ultimate)

  • Fully-auto shotgun, loaded with Crystalline pellets that deal damage over time.



Orbit, once an astronaut, found himself aboard the International Space Station during the Strafe. Simultaneously infected with two strains of the Crystalline, his body teeters on the edge of being human and Glasshead. Orbit’s primary goal is to undo the transformation and reclaim his humanity.

Orbit Operative - Shatterline World

Humanity is a gift, and I want mine back!

NameDieter Friedmann
BirthdayOctober 17, 1997
BirthplaceWiesbaden, Germany
BackgroundESA (European Space Agency)
PersonalityMood-swinging, Unstable
HobbiesBotany, Poker
Favorite GunZ-940 Drachen


On the day of the Strafe, fragments of Object X pummeled the International Space Station. Dieter was the sole astronaut to reach the escape pod and jettison away. As he remained in space, shrapnel laden with Black Salt penetrated his body. The astronaut crash-landed in the epicenter of an Impact Zone and lay unconscious for several days, during which Red Salt entered his system. The interaction between the two Crystalline strains halted the transformation process midway, allowing Orbit to retain his human features and mind despite the Crystalline’s modifications to his body. Dieter eventually escaped the Zone and surrendered to authorities. Following weeks of quarantine and thorough examinations, he gradually gained control over his newfound abilities.

In March 2028, upon learning about Shellguard’s establishment, Orbit requested to join their operational force. His aim was to work in the field, gathering as much information about the Crystalline as possible in order to reverse the transformation and regain his humanity.


Orbit stands as a unique case within Shellguard. Although he lacks the V-Gene, he possesses abilities akin to those of high-ranking Glassheads. Orbit experiences frequent mood swings and constantly struggles to suppress the Voice inside his head. To maintain his human will within his altered body, he collaborated with Dr. Velasquez to create a specialized injection that helps him retain control.


Spy Drone (active)

  • Compact UAV, programmed to track the enemy and reveal their location to the whole team.

Swarm grenade (active)

  • Throwable device, filled with a swarm of vicious Crystalline-transformed insects.

Increased regeneration (passive)

  • This character regenerates HP at a faster rate.

Expert sapper (passive)

  • This character is especially keep on arming and defusing explosives.

Crystalline injection (ultimate)

  • Inject yourself with a dose of Red Salt which causes rapid growth of spikes out of the body, and grants a significant armor boost for a short time.



Mongoose, a seasoned street athlete, ex-gang member, and underground MMA tournament star, embodies the quintessential “bad boy” persona. Disregarding rules without concern, his exceptional skills force the command to overlook his behavior. Mongoose revels in the heat of combat, thriving on the adrenaline rush of the front line.

Mongoose Operative - Shatterline World

I'm just like water: cold, deadly, unpredictable.

NameDominic Wong
BirthdayDecember 13th, 1999
BirthplaceHong Kong
BackgroundThe Streets
PersonalityHot-Tempered, Impulsive, Brutal
HobbiesMartial Arts, Sports Betting
Favorite GunR40 Supersling


Dominic was born in Hong Kong alongside his twin brother, Jimmy. As children, the brothers were inseparable, but their paths diverged during their youth. Dominic joined a street gang and made a name for himself in underground MMA tournaments, while Jimmy excelled academically and pursued law school. Despite their differences, Jimmy consistently helped Dominic out of trouble, attempting to steer him towards a more stable lifestyle. However, Dominic’s violent nature persisted. At 26, he organized his own tournament, borrowing money from a criminal boss.

Initially successful, the tournament was eventually shut down by a rival gang. Owing a debt and fearing retribution, Dominic decided to turn himself in and serve a short sentence for organizing illegal sporting events.

While in custody, thugs mistaking Jimmy for “Mongoose” killed him. Dominic learned about his brother’s tragic fate after his incarceration. In January 2028, Dominic tested positive for the V-gene and was offered parole in exchange for service with Shellguard. Determined to find a true purpose in life, he left his criminal past behind and embraced his new path.


Mongoose is passionate, impulsive, and restless. His most common dialogue lines include: “let’s go,” “hurry up,” “forget the tactics,” and “disregard the casualties”. He thrives on the adrenaline rush of the front line and never shies away from an intense battle


Frag Grenade (active)

  • Offensive grenade that deals massive damage in a small area.

Smoke Grenade (active)

  • Canister-type grenade used as a signaling, marking, or screening device for unit movements.

Flash Grenade (active)

  • Unlocked at Operative Level 8
  • Non-lethal explosive device, used to temporarily disorient an enemy.
  • This ability will replace Smoke Grenade when equipped on the Equipment screen.

Increased Regeneration (passive)

  • This character regenerates HP at a faster rate.

Expert Sapper (passive)

  • This character is especially keen on arming and defusing explosives.

R40 Supersling (ultimate)

  • Semi-automatic 40mm grenade launcher loaded with proximity-sensitive grenades.



Malva serves as Shellguard’s “Guardian Angel” — a proficient field medic, skilled resuscitator, and tactical combat casualty care expert. Her guiding principle is, “Worry about others, not yourself, and nothing can harm you.” She never hesitates to dive into the heat of battle to rescue a teammate, provide assistance, and ensure their survival.

Malva Operative - Shatterline World

The world is ill, and I am here to heal it.

NameZoriana Koval
BirthdayNovember 11, 2000
BirthplaceLviv, Ukraine
BackgroundAFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine)
PersonalityKind-hearted, Supportive, Altruistic
HobbiesFloristry, Guitar
Favorite GunG7 Springer


Zoriana is an accomplished graduate of the Military Medical Institute at Lviv National University. In her youth, she devoted her time to volunteering and advocating for climate change. At 22, she joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces, defending her home country against the Russian invasion. She has a remarkable record of saving lives, both as a doctor and a soldier. In December 2027, Malva participated in a humanitarian mission in Finland, aiding in rescue efforts at the Lapland Impact Zone. She was among the first doctors to encounter Red Salt and discovered the extraordinary medical case of Kioni Järvela. During her time in the Zone, she showed no signs of infection, making the positive V-Test result in March 2028 unsurprising. In May 2028, Malva became a dedicated member of Shellguard.


Malva embodies extraordinary selflessness, with her primary goal being to save lives. Her guiding principle is, “Care for others, not yourself – and nothing can harm you.” She won’t hesitate to dive into the heart of combat to rescue a teammate, provide assistance, and ensure their safety.


Medkit (active)

  • Personal first aid kit for tactical casualty care.

Drone Pinscher (active)

  • Tag-along combat drone that follows the owner and attacks their enemies.

Medi-Spray (active)

  • Unlocked at Operative Level 8
  • All-purpose medicinal aerosol. Heals allies in a small radius.
  • This ability will replace Medkit when equipped on the Equipment screen

Full health revival (passive)

  • Unlike other operatives, this character can revive their teammates quickly, and back to full health.
  • Ultimate Ability

Healing Station (ultimate)

  • Portable device that restores allies’ HP and reduces incoming damage by 20% within the area of effect.



Kite possesses remarkable intelligence, though he struggles with sociability. Often reserved and introspective, he is the most silent member of the team in every sense. Adhering to the principle, “actions speak louder than words,” he thrives as a lone wolf, favoring hard-to-reach locations that offer clear vantage points of his targets.

Kite Operative - Shatterline World

Exploit every weakness. They will exploit yours.

NameCiaran Gibson
BirthdayAugust 19, 1996
BirthplaceBelfast, UK
BackgroundSRR (Special Reconnaissance Regiment)
PersonalitySullen, Short-spoken, grim
HobbiesHunting, Chess
Favorite GunPresarm VX-7


Ciaran grew up under his father’s care, as his mother lost parental rights due to a mental condition. Diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome early in life, he was physically frail yet displayed exceptional mathematical abilities and an extraordinarily high IQ. To help him focus, his father encouraged him to take up a hobby, leading Ciaran to excel in both chess and sharpshooting by the age of 18.

With limited career prospects in his hometown, Ciaran enlisted in the military and was assigned to the Special Reconnaissance Regiment. From 2019 to 2024, he participated in British Army special operations in Somalia, Yemen, and South Sudan under the call sign “Kite.” By age 30, he was a renowned expert in eliminating high-priority targets behind enemy lines. In March 2028, Ciaran passed the V-Test.

Although initially cautious about joining Shellguard due to the change in command, Ciaran saw it as a new challenge and an opportunity to compete with the world’s top military specialists. His motivation stems not from fighting the Crystalline threat but from pushing his limits in the game of life.


Kite is a reticent, concise, and somewhat enigmatic figure. He rarely engages in conversation, yet on rare occasions, he delivers such eloquent and impassioned speeches that they can take listeners by surprise. As a contemplative and strategic individual, he relishes in outsmarting adversaries, setting traps, and launching attacks from a distance.


Wall Grenade (active)

  • Throwable device with a dose of sterile Crystalline. Creates a time-limited barrier in a specified spot.

Remote Mine (active)

  • Stationary explosive device that must be activated remotely with a wireless detonator

Twin Proxy Mine (active)

  • Unlocked at Operative Level 8
  • Stationary anti-personnel mine. Automatically activates on enemy proximity.
  • This ability will replace Remote Mine when equipped on the Equipment screen

High Climbing (passive)

  • This character uses a climbing hook to reach inaccessible elevated spots.

Crystalline Revolver (ultimate)

  • Experimental revolver, loaded with Crystalline projectiles. Each projectile leaves a trace of deadly energy along its path.



Brisa possesses both beauty and intelligence—an honor student, accomplished athlete, and skilled marksman. Prior to joining Shellguard, she served in the Brazilian military police, where she pursued drug cartels in the depths of the Amazonian jungle. Brisa is a passionate lover of life, and her desire to save the world is fueled by her longing to restore the vibrancy of parties and the joys of everyday life.

Brisa Operative - Shatterline World

If we survive, drinks are on me!

NameAdriana Ferrerira
BirthdayJune 9, 1998
BirthplaceSão Paulo, Brazil
BackgroundROTA, Special Forces
PersonalityJoyful, Optimistic, Life-Loving
HobbiesMarksmanship, Soccer
Favorite GunTWD X-treme


Adriana was born into a large, mixed Portuguese and Native Brazilian family. In her youth, she excelled in archery, even winning a junior varsity state championship. At 22, she joined the police academy alongside her older brother, Luis. Tragically, Luis was killed in action during a raid on the Norte Familia cartel in 2024. Fueled by vengeance, Adriana transferred to special operations, underwent rigorous training, and under the alias ‘Brisa’, spearheaded a mission that ultimately dismantled the cartel.

Recognized for her exceptional skills, Brisa was invited to work as an undercover agent, granted the freedom to use any means necessary to get close to criminal leaders and eliminate them. Over the next five years, she successfully outmaneuvered several crime lords through her ingenious blend of intrigue, blackmail, and seduction.

After the Strafe, Adriana passed the V-Test and was assigned to Shellguard. She approaches her new colleagues with a hint of arrogance, and the idealism held by individuals like Strix or Malva is foreign to her. However, she acknowledges the danger the world faces and recognizes that in order to restore the joys of parties and vibrant living, it’s crucial to combat the Crystalline threat.


Brisa is an innately lively individual, capable of transforming even the most ordinary situations into lively celebrations. She possesses a natural sense of irony and a heightened sense of humor. Often speaking with a deadpan delivery, it can be difficult to discern whether she is being serious or merely jesting.


Tactical Cloak (active)

  • Experimental multi-spectral camouflage, which makes the operator barely visible to the enemies.

Glass Mine (active)

  • Anti-personal mine that encases an enemy into a dense Crystalline outgrowth.

Shock Charge (active)

  • Unlocked at Operative Level 8
  • Stationary electronic device that shocks enemies in the area of effect with electrical discharges
  • This ability replaces Glass Mine when equipped on the Equipment screen

High Climbing (passive)

  • This character uses a climbing hook to reach inaccessible elevated spots.

Crystalline Rifle (ultimate)

  • Fast and lethal bolt-action rifle designed for Crystalline-infused ammo.